LTE Optimization - Ericsson

Online, self-paced, pre-recorded course

Course Overview
This is a hands-on workshop for evaluating and optimizing Ericsson-based LTE networks.
It includes the following topics:
  • Connected Mode (A1,A2,B2,A5)
  • Mobility Tuning
  • Accessibility Tuning
  • Retainability Tuning
  • Integrity Tuning
  • Paging
  • Load Balancing
The course also comes with several downloadable files, including
  • Ericsson LTE Optimization - Session 3.pdf
  • LTE feature and KPI improvement with feature.pdf
  • Parameter.xlsx
  • Ericsson LTE KPI Formula.xls
  • LTE OSS command.pdf

These files are all attached to Lesson 3.

The course is an online, self-paced course with 6 hours of pre-recorded videos.
Who Should Attend?

Anyone working in the RAN, with responsibility for analyzing, troubleshooting, and improving service in a network comprised of Ericsson LTE Equipment.

LTE Optimization - Ericsson

6 hours of online, pre-recorded video lessons.

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    Ericsson LTE Optimization

    • Ericsson LTE Optimization - Session 1
    • Ericsson LTE Optimization - Session 2
    • Ericsson LTE Optimization - Session 3