O-RAN Hands-On Training

Online, self-paced, pre-recorded course with hands-on simulation and implementation!

Course Overview

The course covers the implementation tasks within the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) SD-RAN project. This provides step-by-step guidance on environment installation and xApp implementation for the μONOS RIC of the ONF's SD-RAN project. The training is prepared by our development team which is working with the SD-RAN on a daily basis and includes:

  • Environment preparation and installation process
  • ONF's SD-RAN Introduction and software Installation
  • SD-RAN RANSim deployment, API, and laboratory tasks (Communication with the RAN Simulator, Network data displaying, Basic GUI creation)
  • Installation of a simple application to communicate through API
  • Step-by-step xApp deployment to communicate through E2 Interface and laboratory tasks (obtaining information about the network nodes through the E2 interface, Traffic Steering xApp testing)
  • Traffic Steering xApp and QoS-Resource Allocation xApp policy control over A1 Interface within SD-RAN

This course also includes implementation and simulation demonstrations in the xApp and RIC fields and a hands-on part using Open RAN xApp demonstrator!

This is an online, self-paced course with 2.5+ hours of pre-recorded videos, instruction guides, and tasks for self-practicing.

Who Should Attend?

Participants with a background in either system design, or network design should benefit from participation. The focus is on Open RAN implementation, thus a prerequisite is that the participants have general knowledge of the Open RAN system and possess programming skills in CI/CD types of environments.

Participants should have an essential background in the design of the Open RAN system and xApps for the Near-Real-Time (Near-RT) RIC. The focus is on xApps development for ONF's SD-RAN platform. Thus, an experience with the Ubuntu OS, Kubernetes tool, and GO programming language will be helpful. 


About Rimedo Labs

The course is delivered by Rimedo Labs, O-RAN consultancy and xApp provider, ONF, and O-RAN ALLIANCE member. 

To find out more, have a look at RIMEDO Labs 

What this course is about?

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What you'll get

Buying this course you'll get all this:

  • Hands-on tasks and step-by-step installation guide for ONF's SD-RAN

  • Simulations and implementation demonstrations

  • Access to simulation environment for hands-on practice

  • Tasks for self-practicing

  • Instructions for step-by-step guidance to follow the tasks

  • Slides for each hands-on video with links to external tools

  • Additional materials: O-RAN Glossary, The O-RAN Whitepaper, The RIC Whitepaper, Latest version of Open RAN Technical Priority Document, O-RAN Infographic, O-RAN ecosystem slidedeck, Open RAN-related projects all around the world, and more

  • Certificate of completion (upon request)

  • Lifetime access and 30 days full return period

O-RAN Hands-On Training

Course curriculum

Get your certificate

After successful completion of the course and completing all the quizzes you'll get an official certificate issued to your name. Note that the graphical template serves as example and is subject to change.


Check out what participants say about us!

Timon Sloane, General Manager, Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

The class offers an ideal way for developers to understand O-RAN compliant xApp development

Timon Sloane, General Manager, Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

We are pleased that Rimedo Labs is making available training materials to help others get started leveraging and building xApps for the ONF SD-RAN RIC. The class offers an ideal way for developers to understand O-RAN compliant xApp development, to accelerate their own building of xApps, and to begin to engage with the broader SD-RAN community.
Mohammad Obaidah Shaqfeh, Visiting Lecturer at Texas A&M University at Qatar

Informative and useful.

Mohammad Obaidah Shaqfeh, Visiting Lecturer at Texas A&M University at Qatar

Thank you very much for this course. It was informative and useful.
Dan Suggett, Senior Technical Consultant, Colt Technology Services

Great overview with plenty of detail too!

Dan Suggett, Senior Technical Consultant, Colt Technology Services

There was a lot of detail in this presentation, which makes it a valuable resource to go refer back to. It’s a quick but detailed way of getting a comprehensive overview of O-RAN and how the components will interact. Thanks for putting it together!



  • Does the course include hands-on part?

    Yes, the whole course is build upon a practical hands-on sessions! The course includes step-by-step guide on ONF's SD-RAN installation and xApp deployment tasks for self-practice! In addition - we provide access to the simulation environment in which you can experiment using the O-RAN knowledge!

  • How long will I have access to the lessons?

    You get lifetime access. You can access these videos as often as you like for as long as we offer the course. When the course is updated or improved, you'll still have access.

  • What if I don't like the course? Can I get my money back?

    Of course! We give a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you complete all the lessons and believe the course did not offer good value, we will be happy to return your tuition.

  • Will I have to buy the course again when it is updated or refreshed?

    No. You get lifetime access to this course and all the enhancements and upgrades we will ever offer.